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Shop Club USA Network – HOLDING COMPANY. (AKA Scusa Network) is a leading integrated retailer focused on seamlessly connecting the digital and physical shopping experiences to serve our members. Scusa Network has primarily functioned as a multi channel TV media retailer. Scusa Network owns several diverse television and online shopping platforms. Our shopping programs broadcast to millions of homes in the U.S. and in the Caribbean.

The company operates through its subsidiaries, including ezDEALe, As Seen On TV 4me, and Direct Response Marketing Network. Scusa Network has offices in Delaware and Miami, FL. Scusa Network has also announced plans to open up several satellite offices and studios in Chicago, IL, and in New York City.

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Scusa Network specializes in working with all kinds of businesses. Shop Club USA Network has a unique and innovative TV vendor program. If a company is selected, Scusa Network will partner with them and sell their products to millions of U.S. TV homes. CLICK HERE for more information.


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Scusa Network has recently acquired and partnered with As Seen On TV 4me, and the ezDEALe marketplace.


These companies have Joined efforts, using their areas of expertise in television and electronic commerce, to reach millions of new tv and online Shoppers.This merger has opened up many great opportunities for new television and online vendors. Through this network of television stations and online shopping platforms, we offer businesses an opportunity to reach more television and online shoppers, to advertise their name, and to sell more products faster.

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