Shop Club USA Network @ CES 2015 in Las Vegas

ces_logoShop Club USA Network sent a team of its top executives to the Consumer Electronics Trade Show in Las Vegas. SCUSA Network is proud to announce that many new brands and electronics manufactures have joined the Shop Club USA Network family. There are many new and exciting products that are being schedule to showcase to over 40 million U.S. TV homes on SCUSA Network TV and Online shopping platforms. The names of the new TV and Online SCUSA Network vendors will be released in early February. Stay Tuned! :)





11310 Shop Club USA Network partners were able to put the “AS SEEN ON TV” logo in their booths. This built trust and drove sales for many products! 

Shop Club USA Network at CES 2015

Shop Club USA Networks senior management team will be at the consumer electronic show in Las Vegas 2015. Our senior management team will be meeting with hundreds of companies and reviewing hundreds of new products in the electronics category. If you are attending the CES show e-mail us to schedule an in person meeting. What kind of products will make it to our TV shopping shows? There is also a reality TV show coming 2nd Q 2015. More info coming soon.


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Video Blog from our TEAM

Robin Kay is nationally known, and a veteran in the television, marketing, and modeling industries. Robin Kay has worked with companies like: HSN, Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Universal Studios, Fashion TV, Shop Club USA Network, and many other TOP industry names. Robin Kay works with the Shop Club USA Network media and business development team. CLICK below to watch robin explain a little about the Shop Club USA Network TV and Online vendor program.

Robin Kay


case study

A Case Study – One Product, Two Totally Different Outcomes!

Shop Club USA Network – A Case Study

One Product, Two Totally Different Outcomes!

The TriplEdge® Windshield Wiper, patented in 1984, was initially known as the Smear Clear Wiper. Smear Clear’s owners originally spent in excess of $3,000,000 buying equipment, hiring employees, and stocking inventory for the sole purpose of selling product. Unfortunately, they ran out of cash without ever finding a profitable way to market their product. Although the company had plenty of desks, tooling, employees and overhead, it didn’t have the one thing it needed — SALES! Smear Clear had promise, but the owners just didn’t have the experience or expertise to make their product stand out among the clutter of the retail marketplace.

Commercial lenders just won’t lend for unproven concepts, especially when a concept involves a new and unproven product. And good luck with venture capitalists — if you’re lucky enough to interest them in your product, they will want control and most of the upside. Smear Clear (subsequently changed to TriplEdge) limped along into oblivion, eventually entering bankruptcy and killing the hopes and dreams of its original inventor and investors.

In 1988, the assets of TriplEdge were purchased out of bankruptcy and a new marketing campaign, dedicated solely to generating immediate sales, was developed around television direct response. Within twelve months, sales of the TriplEdge Wiper exceeded $1,000,000 per month and the DRTV campaign was expanded to print advertising, including credit card inserts, newspaper advertisements, and catalog sales.

What was the difference? Focus & Marketing Know How! Smear Clear focused on Bricks, Bodies and BTU’s — facilities, employees, and overhead — spending valuable time and money building company infrastructure. TriplEdge focused on Beauty, Benefits and Boasting — product positioning, ad copy, and advertising dollars/frequency — creating the most important aspect of commerce … *product sales!*

Let us help you bring your product to market the way we helped bring the TriplEdge Wiper to millions! Scusa Network is flexible, capable of structuring an agreement that makes sense for both of us. Best of all, if you’re one of our members, Scusa Network profits when you profit! We handle turnkey programs. CALL OR E-MAIL US TODAY!

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Top Performing TV DR spots / infomercials / and best U.S. TV Markets

Top 10 performing Infomercials as of October 25, 2014

Top 10 infomercials and spots October 2014


Top U.S. TV sales markets via Nielsen statistics by ranking

Nielsen DMA Cable Direct Response Rankings by market


 Did you know??? snuggle blanket

“The Snuggie is by far the most successful As Seen On TV product from the past five years,”

If you’re like everyone else, there may not be a single more frustrating moment than when you realize you want to reach for the remote, but your hands are under a blanket. What to do? One of the perks of living in this day and age is the invention of the Snuggie, which is included on this list due to sheer popularity.

“The Snuggie is by far the most successful As Seen On TV product from the past five years,” Harrington says. “It was a social media and public relations bonanza.”

Twenty-six million of the wearable blankets have been sold worldwide, thanks in large part to the incredible commercials. We’re reminded how irritating blankets are, what with their sliding all over the place and “trapping” us when we just want a snack. It’s much more convenient to resemble a monk that wandered off of a Broadway stage.

The Snuggie’s popularity has spawned multiple knockoffs and even a Snuggie pub crawl in many cities. At $19.95, it might be the most affordable way to look like you’re in some fleece cult and stay warm. If this all weren’t great enough, it now comes in “wild new colors,” including leopard, zebra and camel.



“Real World” How-To and Instructional Videos for Retail and E-Commerce

By: Nikki Freeman 

In our continued “how-to” series on creating product videos in retail and e-commerce, I interviewed Jon S, Video Director and Editor for a major electronics retailer. Jon shared with us about his own formula for effective ROI and customer relationships with how-to videos, as well as some tips for what other retail and e-commerce businesses can be doing with instructional videos today. 

Jon works for one of the nation’s leading catalog and internet retailers of consumer electronics (with specialties in audio and video gear), remains an excellent example of marketing with video that other e-commerce businesses should follow. They recently won BizRate’s Circle of Excellence Platinum Award for the 12th time (for the online retailer to do so), and their product and instructional videos (aka, “how-to” videos) total in the millions of views across the social media space and their website.

Last November, I first interviewed Jon about his businesses video strategy with customer-centric video conversations. In it, I discovered how they utilized helpful how-to videos featuring their product line, and conversations with their own customers (featuring their product specialists and customer service people, aka, “Advisors,”) for better customer relationships. Jon said that Crutchfield now has about 125 instructional videos live on their site, their YouTube Channel, and on their Facebook site.


Last year, Jon shared with me that his plans included producing more of what he calls “real-life” type videos.  “Where we’re actually out ‘in the wild,’ solving a problem or examining someone’s [electronics device] – say, their car stereo, and getting away from our studio; having more of a real-life documentary feel to our videos,” he said. “Even though we have a green screen, we’re getting around to doing more videos in the real world.”

I asked Jon to pick two real-world how-to / instructional video examples: One that is the most popular, and one that he’s particularly proud of:

Most popular: For a recent video, Jon says one of their most popular is How to Install a Car Stereo. “It’s a video that consistently gets thousands of hits on our site each week,” says Jon.

Best quality: Installing a Steering Wheel Audio Control Adapter is a video Jon is particular proud of because of, “how smoothly the information is conveyed, considering how complex the subject matter is,” he says.


“We’re still on a quest to find a perfect balance between being informative and being engaging in our instructional videos.” says Jon. “If our videos are filled with too much techno-jargon, they are akin to a book report, which don’t attract many viewers. So what we do is feature our own talent (i.e., staff), using their own voice, to make the videos engaging. We find we get the most natural voice from our talent when we have them improvise their lines, rather than read a script. We’re also working to find a balance between production value and efficiency.”

“We want our videos to have a professional feel, but we don’t want to toil on them for so long that we limit our total video output.  Even instructional videos aren’t evergreen, so we want to give them respect and have them look good, but not invest hours and hours on them, since they’ll need to be replaced sooner or later.  That’s been the biggest lesson for us this year, that all of our videos are transient by nature, so it’s best to make them quickly and efficiently.”


On their YouTube Channel, their “LCD vs. Plasma TVs” is a video which has done very well for them on YouTube, in terms of total views and generating lots of comments, as well as How to Wall Mount a TV (with 340,000 views to date). “We recently created a new version of the wall mount video to account for new mounting hardware that didn’t exist less than two years ago. I’m confident that it will be just as well received as its predecessor.” said Jon.



“I work a great team of internal video producers who are all also writers for our website and catalog, so they have the product expertise that shines through in our videos.” says Jon. “They’ll work to recruit one of our sales advisors to become the talent for a particular video, or sometimes the writers themselves will host the video.”

“On shoot day, we’ll simply create a relaxed environment for our talent to demonstrate the topic at hand, and in their own words. Sometimes we’ll go back and add additional voice over that clearly breaks down what our talent is demonstrating after the rough cut is put together.  We’ll shoot inside or outside, in a studio, or in someone’s home or car depending what the subject matter is.  We discovered about a year ago that limiting ourselves to just one shooting location didn’t do our videos justice.”


Jon said that many of the how-to videos they produce come from getting customers and potential customers involved by answering any and all of the questions they post on our site, on Facebook, or on YouTube. “We have an entire team of product experts ready to pounce on any questions that pop up pursuant to our videos.” he said.  “We answer the questions warmly and in a personalized way, and we usually extend an invitation for the customer to call us to chat more about the subject.  When we see the same question pop up repeatedly, we’ll even create a video response that will help clear things up for our viewers.  Those video responses tend to attract a ton of views for us on YouTube.”


Jon says that financial ROI for instructional videos is hard to track because there’s not a one-video-to-one product relationship, and that makes determining a value difficult. “Our instructional videos live on many different product pages, so it’s hard to make the suggestion that they’re pushing the conversion needle as clearly as some of our ‘product spotlight’ videos do, which instead live only on their appropriate product page,” he said..

Despite the challenges with specific financial ROI measurement, Jon mentioned that their audience metrics have proven that their videos have definitely increased purchases. “Our analytics have proven that when a potential customer watches any video, be it instructional or otherwise, they are more likely to make a purchase on our site,” he said.

Jon also says that the Social ROI is huge for instructional videos. “Our view counts show us that they’re heavily viewed on our site and on social networks. Since they tend to attract so many viewers, they act as a calling card for our brand.  We want people to have a similar experience when they watch our instructional videos as they’ll have when they talk to one of our sales advisors on the phone.” he said. Jon is also working with Shop Club USA Network for it’s television video commerce segments. Jon said that video commerce (v-commerce) is the future of retail.


Tip #1: Be authentic to your company’s brand.

“That is, be honest to your brand; and when things are drifting away from your brand’s identity during a shoot, don’t be afraid to turn off the camera and refocus your approach.” said Jon. “Instructional videos will act like a calling card for your company’s brand, so they’ll need to be authentic; and when you start to produce a lot of them, they’ll have to be congruent. You’ll want to set up an expectation for your viewers that they’ll know what to expect when they watch one of your videos – in the same way they’ll develop a familiarity for your brand when they’re on your site, or walking in your isles.”

Tip #2: Make them as easy as possible for people to find.

“In addition to having these videos on your site (and in multiple places on your site), you should post them on YouTube and Facebook, utilize QR codes in your printed materials to gain higher viewership; and when new videos are created, alert as many people as you can using email blasts and Twitter, and now Google+.” said Jon.

Tip #3: Balance speed of production with value of production.

“There’s always something new around the corner, so you’ll want to have an instructional video that’s relevant to viewers for as long as possible. But in order to do so, you’ll need to put it together quickly, and be ready to recreate the video as soon as it becomes outdated.” said Jon.

“Sometimes balancing the speed of video production will come at the expense of the finest production standards, but what we’ve found is that our viewers are accepting of videos that are a tad rough around the edges.  In fact, our analytics have shown us that our videos perform just as well, if not better than, videos that some of our vendors produce (that have astronomically high production budgets), in terms of boosting conversion.  So be wary of making videos that are too slick and too time consuming, because these instructional videos aren’t about showing off your artistic prowess behind the camera or in the edit bay, they’re about supplying your customers with the info they want in a style they’ve grown to expect.”

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Client / Partner Testimonials and Blog

We’ve had many request to have our success stories and testimonials posted publicly online. Due to SCUSAN company policy we have a strict confidentiality policy in place  This confidentiality policy was set in place to protect our vendors and clients private information. There are many marketing companies that try to gather vendor information in order to send junk mail etc. This BLOG- Testimonial page will be an area were our current vendors and potential new vendors can post questions and comments.

Please keep your private information such as: e-mail, phone, & website private.

Secondary Screens from SCUSAN

TV and E- Commerce in 2014, Could Hit $303B. Secondary Screens working together

By: Nikki Freeman 

Internet Sales, TV Sales, and Secondary Screens

NEW YORK – It appears the holidays of 2014 will be especially happy for E-retailers in the United States. Research firm eMarketer estimates that during the holiday season E-commerce will account for $72.4 billion, or 8.4 percent, of all holiday season retail sales, compared to a 6.5-percent share of total retail throughout the entire year.

eMarketer also reports retail E-commerce in the United States grew 16.5 percent in 2013 to reach $264.3 billion, and will increase another 15.7 percent in 2014 to reach $305.7 billion.

In other findings, mobile retail sales in the U.S. totaled $42.3 billion in 2013, 16 percent of all U.S. retail E-commerce sales, and will increase another 37.3 percent to reach $58.1 billion in 2014, accounting for 19 percent of the total U.S. E-commerce market. eMarketer is also bullish on U.S. retail sales and estimates they will climb 5 percent in November and December, besting last year’s growth rate of 3.4 percent.

Analysts say a strong holiday season would be a relief to brick-and-mortar retailers, whose in-store traffic has slumped recently as consumers continue to shift purchases online.

eMarketer analyst Yory Wurmser expects that retailers will expand their digital efforts this holiday season. “Because there are so many mobile shoppers at this point, the big innovations are going to come from merging the physical and the mobile space,” he said.

Wurmser cited beacon technology, where stores can beam coupons and promotions straight to shoppers’ phones while they walk down a particular aisle, as one feature that will be more prominent this holiday season.

Direct Response Television and Radio Ads Sparks E-Retail

Studies show that many consumers will watch television and and use their mobile device to Google whatever they see on television. This is why there is such an importance in having a strong presence on television to spark online sales.



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Mission Statement

Scusa Network has been a leader in the direct response industry for well over 15 years. During that time we have introduced and managed many of the most successful direct response campaigns in history. We know the industry inside and out, and our experience spans every imaginable direct response product and service category.

Scusa Network is the leading expert at generating consumer transactions and acquiring customer leads through the use of television and digital media. We are totally focused on measurable results and maximizing ROI for our clients and vendor partners. We have led the way in creating industry-leading analytics and media management systems, that allow us to optimize daily campaign performance and provide powerful industry insight.

Vendor Program

We have been longtime innovators in both Long Form and Short Form direct response advertising. Scusa Network now offers fully integrated offline and online solutions to business partners and clients. Scusa Network has partnered with As Seen On TV4me, and the ezDEALe online marketplace, with the expectations of giving customers a unique shopping experience through television and online video commerce. Shop Club USA Network has pioneered a unique TV and Online vendor program like no other company. This vendor program gives both small and large businesses an opportunity to take advantage of the vast network of tv channels, and shopping platforms Scusa Network manages. As an end result, Scusa Network helps businesses reach more shoppers, and sell more products.

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Direct to consumer sales and advertising brings in billions of dollars in sales for the businesses involved with this approach. Why roll out a shopping campaign on your own? Partner with us TODAY for success!

Online Video Search Engine Optimization

The term video SEO is used to describe optimizing video content for search engine traffic. The goal when working with video SEO is to have your video content appear in video search engines as well as in the organic search results for major search engines-with traffic being directed to a special online video commerce landing page.

Video SEO may be abbreviated as vSEO.

Many retailers, manufactures, and general businesses don’t have the…

  1. Video Content (Commercials)  or

2. The dedicated vSEO team to help their brand gain search engine rankings and sales

We can help you with this!