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Shop Club USA Network – HOLDING COMPANY. (AKA Scusa Network) is a leading integrated retailer focused on seamlessly connecting the digital and physical shopping experiences to serve our members. Scusa Network has primarily functioned as a multi channel TV media retailer, and direct  sales marketing agency. Scusa Network owns several diverse television and online shopping platforms. Our shopping programs broadcast to millions of homes in the U.S. and in the Caribbean.

Business Opportunities

strategic-partneringPartner with us to sell products

Do you have products you’d like to advertise and sell on TV? Do you want to Sell more products? Scusa Network specializes in working with all kinds of businesses. Shop Club USA Network has a unique and innovative TV vendor program. If you’re approved, Scusa Network will partner with you to sell your products to millions of U.S. TV homes. CLICK HERE to become a Scusa Network TV vendor / sales partner.


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Advertise your products and services to millions of U.S. TV homes
Partner with us to sell, or just generate leads by advertising your business. We have all kinds of solutions that will help you reach your branding and sales goals. Click Here to just Advertise your business on TV.

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Did you know?… If you sell or advertise with us, you’ll be able to put the “As Seen On TV” sticker on your packaging. It’s not a requirement, but it’s an option. CLICK HERE to sell your products on television

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